Radar Change Log

15 May 2020, release 2.3.0

  • Combine PRO and standard versions into a single version.
  • Make URL in”help” dialog clickable.
  • Update Web site URL to “Vircadia”.
  • Change license to Apache 2.0.

17 Jan 2020, PRO version, release 2.2.0-76

  • Fix teleporting in 3rd person view.
  • Changes per standard version.

17 Jan 2020, standard version, release 2.2.0-75

  • Fix when own avatar dot is displayed.
  • Update help dialog’s content.
  • Release outside of High Fidelity Marketplace.

29 Jan 2019, PRO version, release 2.1.0-66

  • Add teleporting functionality.
  • Changes per standard version.

29 Jan 2019, standard version, release 2.1.0-65

  • Improve avatar updates and UI responsiveness under load.

16 Nov 2018, PRO version, release 2.0.0-48

  • Hover avatar dot to show the user’s display name.
  • Click avatar dot to persist showing the display name.
  • Settings dialog added.
  • Display of your avatar dot is configurable in settings dialog: always, not in first person view, or never.
  • Refresh rate is configurable in settings dialog.
  • Base features per standard version.

16 Nov 2018, standard version, release 2.0.0-47

  • Added count of avatars displayed.
  • Refresh rate increased a little.
  • Displays your avatar dot only if your camera’s not in first person.
  • Improved font of numbers.
  • About dialog added, with version number and help.
  • Fixed extraneous dots displayed for invalid avatar data (e.g., the “avatar spheres” problem).

13 Aug 2018, release 1.1.0-14

  • Color avatar dots per relative elevations.
  • Search for avatars in cylinder instead of sphere.
  • Clear radar display immediately upon domain change.

6 Aug 2018, release 1.0.0-12

  • Initial release on High Fidelity Marketplace.