Show where people are and teleport in the domain.

App: radar.js



  • Works in both HMD and desktop.
  • The center is your camera location.
  • The orientation is per:
    • The tablet in HMD mode.
    • Your camera in desktop mode.
  • Your avatar is a green dot. It’s displayed per your settings.
  • Other avatars’ dots are coloured:
    • Blue if above you: blueness increases with height difference.
    • White if level with you.
    • Red if below you: redness increases with height difference.
  • Display names:
    • Hover a dot to show the avatar’s display name.
    • Click the dot to persist showing its display name.
    • Stop persisting a display name by clicking the dot, its label, or the radar background.
  • Teleporting:
    • Click and hold on the radar circle to display a green search circle.
    • The horizontally closest avatar in the circle is highlighted as are any of similar elevation.
    • Release the click to teleport to the cursor position at the elevation of the closest avatar, if any, otherwise your current elevation. Or, if your cursor is highlighting an avatar, you’ll teleport a short distance away from that avatar.
  • The avatars count is the number of avatars displayed.
  • The scale sets the search radius and distances above and below.
  • “⛭” button opens a Settings dialog with:
    • Show own avatar: Configure when to show a dot for your own avatar.
    • Refresh rate: Configure how often the avatar dots and radar orientation are updated.
  • “?” button opens a help dialog.


  1. The user identification provided by this app is not guaranteed: users can set their display name to whatever they like.
  2. The content of the display names displayed by this app is not moderated by this app.


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