Inspect Change Log

7 Aug 2019

  • Don’t disable when High Fidelity’s Create app is active, now that the Create app no longer uses Alt to duplicate entities.

1 Jul 2019

  • Disable when High Fidelity’s Create app is active, to avoid Alt-duplicating entities.

16 Jun 2019

  • Make able to orbit avatars. (Updated functionality from High Fidelity version of the script.)

19 Jun 2016

  • Make camera control start immediately rather than having a 0.5s delay at the start.

2 May 2016

  • Add ability to orbit about a point in space if there‚Äôs no object under the click point.

15 Oct 2015

  • Cope with slight avatar position and orientation jitter when stationary.

9 Sep 2015

  • Exit orbiting with arrow keys as well as Esc.
  • Fix 3rd person camera mode.

2 Sep 2015

  • Initial release of modified inspect.js.