HiFi Inspect

Superseded by the inspect.js included in Project Athena which includes this version’s modifications plus more.

This is an old script and may not work properly.

Enables you to move your view around, akin to Second Life.


  • Alt + left-click-and-hold on an entity or avatar and, while pressing Alt, move your mouse and use Shift and Ctrl key combinations to move your view:
    • Alt + mouse up/down: zooms in / out.
    • Alt + mouse left/right: orbits left / right.
    • Alt + Ctrl + mouse up/down/left/right: orbits over / under / left / right.
    • Alt + Ctrl + Shift + mouse up/down/left/right: pans down / up / right / left.
  • Your camera stays where it is when you release the Alt key, enabling you to Alt + left-click on another entity or avatar to further move your view.
  • Press Esc or move your avatar to revert back to your default view.
  • If there’s no entity or avatar under you click point then your camera orbits about a point in space in the direction of your click.
  • The above behaviour is disabled when High Fidelity’s Create app is active. (The Create app uses the Alt key to duplicate entities.)

This script is a modified version of High Fidelity’s inspect.js script. Changes made:

  • Start orbiting immediately rather than there being a 0.5s delay.
  • Leave the camera where it is when you release Alt key, rather than snapping the view back to default.
  • Restore your camera to the default view when you press Esc key or move your avatar.
  • Orbit about a point in space if there’s nothing under your mouse click.

Change Log