Entities Editor Change Log

16 Jun 2018, alpha 0.4.4-82

  • Fix properties checkboxes not working.

20 Jan 2018, alpha 0.4.3-81

  • Fix script not working in HiFi RC62.

3 Oct 2016, alpha 0.4.2-80

  • Change dialog to be inside Interface window. (Use OverlayWebWindow JavaScript object instead of WebWindow which is no longer available.)
  • Make paste multiple entities position them to lie on top of the grid.

11 Sep 2016, alpha 0.4.1-79

  • Add Web entity “dpi” property per HiFi release 5353.

6 Sep 2016, alpha 0.4.0-78 — Multiple Entities

  • Entities list multiple selection:
    • Ctrl-click to add/remove entity from selection.
    • Alt-click to select an entity plus its descendants (children, and children’s children, etc.).
    • Ctrl-Alt-click to add/remove an entity plus all its descendants.
    • Shift-click to extend selection to include all entities between the previous entity selected and the entity clicked.
  • GUI multiple selection: Same as for entities list multiple selection except that Shift-click selects all entities with positions inside the bounding box formed by the previous and clicked entities.
  • A count of the entities selected is displayed under the entities list.
  • Entities list parent/child relationships:
    • A selected entity’s parent is highlighted with a light blue background with dashed border.
    • A selected entity’s descendants are highlighted with light blue backgrounds and solid borders.
    • Ctrl+N links selected entities into a parent child relationship with the parent being the first entity selected.
    • Ctrl+Shift+N unlinks all entities selected from their parents.
  • GUI parent/child relationships: Same as for entities list parent/child relation relationships.
  • Properties parent/child relationships:
    • Added a “C” button beside the entity ID field in the “Object” tab that copies the ID value.
    • Added a “P” button beside the parent ID field to paste the value copied by the “C” button.
  • GUI editing:
    • Translate: Translates the whole set of selected entities, plus any descendants that aren’t selected. When using local axes, the axes are based on the first entity selected.
    • Rotate: Rotates the whole set of selected entities, plus any descendants that aren’t selected. When using local axes, the axes are based on the first entity selected.
    • Scale: Faces and corners can be scaled when a single entity is selected; when multiple entities are selected only corners can be scaled. Local axes are always used, based on the first entity selected. Unselected descendants are not scaled.
    • Shift-duplicate: Duplicates the set of selected entities. Shift-duplicating a child creates a new child linked to a new parent if the parent is also being shift-duplicated, otherwise the child is linked to the original entity’s parent.
  • Cut/copy/paste — Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V — works with multiple entities.
  • Undo/redo — Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+Y — works with multiple entities.
  • Export/import works with multiple entities:
    • Export entities exports all the entities selected.
    • All entities imported are selected after the import.
    • All entities added from a Marketplace item are selected.
  • Increased the volume of the error sound.
  • Change in function: Shift-duplicating a parent entity no longer duplicates its children unless those children are also explicitly selected (e.g., Alt-select the parent to select it plus all its children). Similarly, for copying a parent entity and exporting a parent entity.
  • Not implemented: Editing multiple entities’ properties in the editor dialog. (The form fields are disabled when more than one entity is selected.)

27 Aug 2016, alpha 0.3.5-73

  • Make “description” field be for entity as a whole rather than for hyperlink.

9 Aug 2016, alpha 0.3.4-72

  • Fix (work around) Interface not drawing translation axes inside entities.
  • Fix error sound not playing.

1 Aug 2016, alpha 0.3.3-71

  • Add new entity shapes.
  • Add new collision hull shapes.
  • Changed translation handles from cubes back to spheres. (Interface bug fixed.)
  • Fix file names in file headers.
  • Known problem: Translation axes are no longer draw inside entities. (Interface bug.)

7 Jul 2016, alpha 0.3.2-68

  • Work around Interface bug wherein the spherical translation handles have stopped rendering. (Temporarily use cubes instead.)

29 Jun 2016, alpha 0.3.1-67

  • Add “static mesh” collision shape type.
  • Fix behavior of compound collision shape field values.

26 Jun 2016, alpha 0.3.0-66 — Cut, Copy, & Paste

  • Add cut, copy, and paste of entities with Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C, and Ctrl-V. Including entities with children. 1
  • Add shift-drag duplication of entity with children.
  • Add copy and paste (“C” and “P”) buttons for copying triple values such as dimensions and colors.
  • Add import and import from URL menu items. Supports importing multiple entities, including entities with children. 2
  • Add export menu item. Supports exporting entity with children. 2
  • Fix double keyboard events after automatically opening editor window for import from market place.

[1] The Windows alternatives of Shift-Del, Ctrl-Ins, and Shift-Ins also work in place of Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C, and Ctrl-V respectively.

[2] Work-around to avoid the annoying Interface HMD menu appearing when you use the Alt key for these menu items’ shortcuts: instead of pressing Ctrl then Alt then the letter for the shortcut, press Alt first then Ctrl then the letter.

21 Jun 2016, alpha 0.2.1-64

  • Limit stretching entities to minimum non-negative dimensions.
  • Add “grabbable”, “triggerable”, and “ignore IK” form fields.
  • Fix spurious null edit history items.
  • Fix undo when editing a field messing up field value.

20 Jun 2016, alpha 0.2.0-62 — Undo & Redo

  • Adds undo/redo support: multi-level; Ctrl-Z to undo & Ctrl-Y to redo.
    Note: Undoing the deletion of an entity with children assumes that all the parent entity’s children were in the local copy of the domain model in Interface on your computer, i.e., are or have been in your view so that they’ve been “downloaded”. 1
  • Report an error when can’t add, edit, or delete an entity.
  • Fix zone entity being added at too high an elevation.
  • Revisit key press handling.

[1] There’s currently no way in High Fidelity of guaranteeing a complete list of all an entity’s children and their properties. However, this is being considered as a feature in High Fidelity’s long-term roadmap.

15 Jun 2016, alpha 0.1.8-57

  • Fixed shift-duplicating not setting correct angular velocity or key light direction values.
  • Made save dialog position and size settings only once have stopped moving and resizing.

2 Jun 2016, alpha 0.1.7-56

  • Added new zone properties: flying allowed and ghosting allowed.
  • Added new shape type property (octahedron, etc. values).

30 May 2016, alpha 0.1.6-55

  • Fixed Ctrl-E opening and immediately closing edit window on fast PCs.

28 May 2016, alpha 0.1.5-54

  • Added support for adding entities from the Examples dialog.
  • Fix reset dimensions button not applying correct dimensions on all axes.
  • Clear “add entity” state when close editor window.

24 May 2016, alpha 0.1.4-53

  • Remember entity search radius between program runs.
  • Submit any edit outstanding when change focus away from editor window.
  • Make manipulators respond to Ctrl and Shift key presses when editor window has focus.
  • Display warning messages in footer and beep on warning.

21 May 2016, alpha 0.1.3-51

  • Add a search filter to the entities list.
  • Reduce font contrast a little.
  • Fix Ctrl-E not closing editor window when it has focus.
  • Fix program log error if click in blank portion of entities list.

16 May 2016, alpha 0.1.2-50

  • Add “Rescale” field and button.
  • Some code tidying and optimization.

15 May 2016, alpha 0.1.1-48

  • Improve fonts and style for legibility.
  • Fix JavaScript error upon Ctrl/Shift key combinations while manipulating an entity.

10 May 2016, alpha 0.1.0-47 — Initial Release

  • Initial alpha release of edit.js, an alternative entities editor.