Local Chat Change Log

25 Oct 2016

  • Add placeholder text in input pane.
  • Make “\” close window as well as Esc.
  • Don’t start up with window open.
  • Fix window closing when avatar moves.

16 Oct 2016

  • Fix initial visibility of chat window.
  • Fix (work around Interface bug) dialog sizing when switch between desktop and HMD.

5 Oct 2016

  • Change dialog to be inside Interface window. (Use OverlayWebWindow JavaScript object instead of WebWindow which is no longer available.)

7 Jun 2016

  • Updated HMD display to display in movable, resizable overlay window.

27 May 2016

  • Updated desktop font to make it more legible.

23 Apr 2016

  • Fix pressing Enter in the middle of a message splitting the message in two.

5 Apr 2016

  • Fix Interface not shutting down properly with chat script running.
  • Fix double display of messages when reopen chat window.

24 Jan 2016

  • Use JavaScript Messages object for communications instead of Web application.
  • Associate display names with each message instead of user name.
  • Indicate in window title if not connected to the domain.
  • Fix menu item to work with Interface’s changed menu layout.
  • Display the shortcut key in the menu item.

24 Aug 2015

  • Add “/me emotes” support: displays “emotes” in italics.
  • Display http and hifi hyperlinks in message as hyperlinks.
  • Make Shift-Enter start a new line in the message.
  • Fix flashing HMD cursor as dialog focus changes.
  • Fix HMD view to not display address bar when user keypad Enter to submit a message.

17 Aug 2015

  • Handle domain not running.
  • Handle user not logged in or not authorized.

15 Aug 2015

  • Made the size and position of the chat window be remembered between program runs.

8 Aug 2015

  • Fixed chat messages not being displayed when script loads.

1 Aug 2015

  • Reworked chat.js. When in desktop display mode, the chat is in a separate window which can be dragged off screen, and which can have text pasted into and copied from it. When in HMD display mode, the chat is displayed in an HUD overlay window as before.

5 Jul 2015

  • Add scrollbar.

6 Jun 2015

  • Update menu item status when Esc to hide chat window.

6 Apr 2015

  • Add instructions to title bar.
  • Don’t post empty messages.
  • Fix capture of “\” key.

26 Mar 2015

  • Add “[” as valid chat character.

25 Mar 2015

  • Fix HiFi domain, avatar, and chat character validation.

24 Mar 2015

  • Handle HiFi domain name not being properly known.

21 Mar 2015

  • Initial release of chat.js, using a Web application as the back end and displaying in an overlay.