HiFi Local Chat

This is an old script and may not work properly.

Provides text chat local to the domain you’re visiting. When available, users’ display names are associated with each message.

To ensure you always use the latest version of the script, use it via this URL rather than downloading it.


  • Menu item: View > Local Chat… shows / hides window.
  • Keyboard: Press “\” to show and Esc to hide.
  • Type “/me emotes” to display “[username] emotes“.
  • Type “http://” and “hifi://” URLs to display hyperlinks.
  • Type Shift-Enter to start a new line in the message without sending.

The chat messages displayed are local to the domain you’re currently visiting. Users’ display names are associated with each message.

When in desktop display mode, the chat window is a separate window which can be dragged off the Interface window. You can paste text into the input pane and copy text from the chat history.

When in HMD display mode, the chat is displayed in a window on the HUD overlay.

Local chat sends messages and displays messages received via the Messages object on the “chat” channel.


  • Chat messages are sent over a public, non-secure communications channel.
  • Identity is not guaranteed: users can set their display name to whatever they like.
  • The content of the communications displayed is not moderated.


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  1. B. Bright

    Would it be possible to change the chat.js to allow the chat window (within Rift) to be movable? I’ve been using it and have been visiting in HF with a friend who is hearing impaired. The window is off to the right side and it requires that I constantly be looking over my right shoulder to chat with him. For short chats this isn’t a problem but for lengthy chats it causes a crick in my neck and a great desire to move that chat window to another spot in the screen.

    1. David Rowe Post author

      Hi! Nice to hear someone’s using chat in the Rift. Yes, that should be possible. I’m thinking I should spend some time improving the HMD display of chat, and soon.

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