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HiFi Radar 2.0 – Standard & PRO Versions

The radar app (free) has been updated:

  • Added count of avatars displayed.
  • Refresh rate increased a little.
  • Displays your avatar dot only if your camera’s not in first person.
  • Improved font of numbers.
  • About dialog added, with version number and help.

Marketplace: https://highfidelity.com/marketplace/items/f2de2bb2-dde9-470d-8a88-025684c3ac53
Version 2.0.0-47

A PRO version (paid) of the app is now also available:

  • Hover avatar dot to show the user’s display name.
  • Click avatar dot to persist showing the display name.
  • Settings dialog added.
  • Display of your avatar dot is configurable in settings dialog: always, not in first person view, never.
  • Refresh rate is configurable in settings dialog.

Marketplace: https://highfidelity.com/marketplace/items/03383583-83a2-4e5d-9b69-e8876741bb11
Version 2.0.0-48

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Local Chat Updated to Use Messages Object

I’ve updated the local chat script to use High Fidelity’s “Messages” object for communications instead of using an external Web server application. As before, chat windows are displayed in both desktop and HMD views. The primary user-visible difference is that chat history from the last 30 minutes is no longer displayed when you log in or visit a domain.

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Local Chat for High Fidelity UI Reworked

I’ve reworked the local chat script to display in its own window in desktop mode.


This window can be dragged outside the Interface window and can be resized. As well as being more readable, you can past text into the input pane and copy test from the chat history.

When in HMD display mode, the chat is displayed in an HUD window as before.

The script URL remains the same: http://ctrlaltstudio.com/downloads/hifi/scripts/chat.js

Full description: http://ctrlaltstudio.com/hifi/chat

Note: You may need to do a “Reload” in the Running Scripts window to refresh your cached copy.


  • 15 Aug 2015: Made the size and position of the chat window be remembered between program runs.
  • 8 Aug 2015: Fixed chat messages not being displayed when script loads.

Some Custom High Fidelity Scripts

If you’re using High Fidelity you’re probably aware that much of it is controlled by JavaScript scripts, and that you can modify these JavaScripts and write your own.

I’ve written an interim local chat script that lets you text chat with others on the domain you’re in.

And I’ve modified a couple of scripts to make them operate in a manner I prefer:

If you’d like to run the above scripts plus the other normal High Fidelity default scripts, you can run my modified defaultScripts.js instead of the High Fidelity version of it:

These and future customizations will be maintained in the new HiFi section of the Web site.

Note: When using these scripts you should normally run them from the URL given rather than download and run a local copy: running them from the URL means that you automatically get the most recent version.