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Oculus CV1 Support?

Hi! I’ve been flat out busy; everything seems to happen at once. On the Oculus Rift front I haven’t received my CV1 yet and I’m waiting for updated news on Linden Lab’s Rift project viewer. Linden Lab are working on it but I’ve not heard any inklings of when an update with CV1 support might be released.

Long term, Linden Lab’s Rift code is the correct code to include in third party viewers; mine was just a rough stop-gap measure to satisfy immediate desires to experience Second Life and OpenSim in virtual reality. And stereoscopic 3D support should be able to be added into a viewer, taking advantage of the Lab’s Rift code stereo capabilities.

In theory, even though it’s significantly out of date compared with other viewers, the current CtrlAltStudio Viewer code could be updated to SDK 1.3 to support the CV1. I’d love to do this but really have very limited time, and there are significant changes from SDK 0.6–0.8 to 1.3. So right now I’m waiting for more news on the Lab’s Rift project viewer and my CV1.

UPDATE, 11 Apr 2016: From Friday 8 April’s Third Party Viewer meeting courtesy of Inara Pey: Linden Lab are actively working on their Rift project viewer. Some things are still not working but they hope to have an update soon. They are committed to getting it working, with the latest SDK and CV1 support. See the meeting video starting at 6:57.

UPDATE, 24 Apr 2016:

LL tweet 24 Apr 2016

UPDATE, 22 May 2016: From Friday 20 May’s Third Party Viewer Meeting courtesy of Inara Pey:

Testing of the updated viewer is being carried out. There are still “a few” issues to be resolved, and it is hoped that the update will be available (still as a project viewer) in a couple of weeks.

See the meeting video starting at 2:08.

UPDATE, 3 Jul 2016: Linden Lab have released an update to their Oculus Rift viewer. This is great news! More information: