Monthly Archives: October 2015

CtrlAltStudio Viewer Updated to Oculus SDK 0.6:

I’ve updated the CtrlAltStudio Viewer to the Rift SDK 0.6, ready for people to try out. I’m not promoting it as a recommended release until it’s had some user testing, though.

Changes of note:

  • Works in both direct and extended Rift display modes. If using extended mode you no longer need to drag the viewer onto the Rift’s screen before toggling into Riftlook view.
  • Advanced Lighting Model no longer needs to be enabled in order for Riftlook to work.
  • The hardware cursor used in previous versions has been replaced with a basic crosshair software cursor. It may not look pretty but it should still work as before.
  • There’s a new “Mirror Rift display to desktop” option in Preferences > Graphics > Display Output.
  • If you install over the top of a previous version you’ll probably want to press the “Reset” button for the “UI depth” Display Output option.

Note that if you switch between direct and extended Rift display modes, you’ll need to restart the Oculus Configuration Utility and the Oculus VR Runtime Service. To restart the Oculus Configuration Utility, right-click the utility’s tray icon and select “Exit”, and start it again from the Windows Start menu. To restart the service, find it in Windows’ Administrative Tools > Services. Or you can reboot your PC.

More details in the Release Notes.

I can achieve a pretty smooth 75 FPS experience on the Rift if the scene’s not too complex, though only if I have my main monitor set to 120Hz. If I set it to 60Hz I only get a somewhat juddery 65 FPS on the Rift. I haven’t looked into this yet and am keen to hear how other people get on. Note: You can use Ctrl+Shift+1 to display a statistics window in Riftlook.

Viewer download:

  • Windows installer: Alpha, 3 Oct 2015.
  • Mac OSX installer: Not available.