CtrlAltStudio Viewer Plans 2015 – 2016

I developed CtrlAltStudio Viewer as a stop-gap measure to satisfy immediate desires to experience Second Life and OpenSim in virtual reality: stereoscopic 3D was implemented while waiting for the Rift DK1 to be delivered; then DK1 and DK2 support each added when they arrived. Always with the expectation that CtrlAltStudio Viewer will be abandoned when Linden Lab finish their Rift support and other third-party viewers incorporate it.

It’s been quite a long “stop-gap”; much longer than expected! But at last there’s hope that the consumer CV1 Rift will finally be delivered, sometime in Q1 2016. Before that, a Rift SDK 1.0 version is due in December this year. Hopefully, Linden Lab will finish off their Rift support promptly for CV1 when it’s available so that their code can be adopted by other TPVs. Development of CtrlAltStudio Viewer will stop at that time.

In the meantime, I am trying to find time to keep CtrlAltStudio Viewer somewhat up to date. Unfortunately, time is in short supply for me these days. However, I have the code working with SDK 0.6 in direct mode with a basic software cursor. (There’s no hardware cursor in direct mode.) I have a few issues to sort out and will release an alpha as soon as possible, “as is”, to see how people find it. Not polished but should be usable.

After that, I may update to a more recent Firestorm codebase, or perhaps update to SDK 0.7 or even SDK 1.0. It just depends on Oculus and Firestorm updates, people’s needs, and my time availability.

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    1. David Rowe Post author

      Hi. It’s very unlikely that there will be an update to the latest Firestorm codebase. I’m afraid. It’s possible that I might be able to do an update to the Oculus SDK 1.0, though it’s too early to tell both code-wise and time-wise.

  1. AmberNL

    Hay guys im runing windows 10 and contactet https://forums.oculus.com if ther was an way to ged 0.6 runtime to ged in windows 10 replay was of oculue was:
    You can not use Runtime 0.6 on Windows 10. It won’t work, like I said. You need at least 0.7, though I would recommend using 0.8 (the latest public release). Be sure to uninstall 0.6 completely, then restart, before installing 0.8.
    so i was hoping you guys can make this viewer also work on 0.7 or 0.8 becos the sl viewer is aslo 0.6 only
    and evrion is updating to windows 10 and sl is not gone do the runtime to 0.7 or 0.8 update So was hoping if you guys gone do that update greetings AmberNL

    1. David Rowe Post author

      Hi AmberNL
      The latest, 1.2.5 release of the viewer works on Windows 10 with runtime 0.7, and probably also runtime 0.8. This even though the viewer is build with SDK 0.6.

  2. Djehan kidd

    Hello, i just come from the jira that has a link to your page here, to thank you for ctrlaltstudio now I understand better why you did it. Somehow I think the time is critical now and that LL should really think about upgrading the oculus viewer..We’ll see.. So, thank you, and good luck for everything :)

  3. Paul Emery

    I have a DK2 and just got oculus runtime running (after a required upgrading my Nvidia driver).
    Loaded upgrade of CtlAltViewer over top of previous version and WHOO WEEEEE.
    Attachd the HMD and log on to OSGrid. Click on the “3D” button at the bottom right of the screen and go right in to stereoscopic view on BOTH the rift and the screen. (No more “Windows Key + arrow needed).
    Also the cross-hairs cursor works pretty well if one is careful and closes the right eye.

    Congratualation David and Thank you for doing this.
    Was worried that would not work with Oculus SDK 0.8

  4. JT

    Awesome news. I know I am being a bit annoying again, but do you have any idea of whenabouts we can expect a version to download? I still check this page 3 maybe 4 times a day hoping for good news ;) I mean ball park, like should i expect to wait until december or next week? I know you have stuff to do other than make stuff for me to play with, so i say this with the utmost humility…however….are we there yet? Are we there yet now?


    1. David Rowe Post author

      Heh : ) … There should be an alpha build using SDK 0.6 available for testing later today or tomorrow. … I’ll add a blog post when it’s available.

  5. Alan Ross

    Definitely major thanks for your work thus far. I had a personally transformational moment the first time I was able to see the flat world i was used to, for years, in Second Life finally “come to life” in 3D. I will keep my fingers crossed for a direct mode release as I imagine that will bring some key performance gains that will be the next cool thing we’ll see before Q1CY16. Don’t make us wait that long… please. :)

  6. Neil Canham

    Hi David
    Really appreciate your work on the Ctrl-Alt-Studio viewer. I recently sent you a mail regarding your availability for VR-related work. It would be good to talk :)

    Neil Canham
    CTO vComm Solutions AG

  7. Dalek Hax

    Here’s hoping some other developers continue on with your invaluable stereoscopic 3D code which is not even attempted in the official Occulus viewer. I’m surprised Firestorm never integrated this back into their viewer either.

    Although I hope to get a Rift at some point, my present system could probably not handle it, so until I can afford a high-end PC I will be limping along in “just” stereo3D. I’m finding a few issues now with the 3d toggle not flipping back into 2d – I think there have been some changes with recent Catalyst drivers and probably also with the move to Windows 10, so I hope that the stereoscopic code gets maintained by someone in the future.

    Once again, thank for all your work tackling the neglected third dimension in SL, I really couldn’t go back to a flat Second Life now!

    1. David Rowe Post author

      Stereoscopic 3D should be pretty straightforward to add to a viewer once Linden Lab’s Rift code is incorporated. The lab’s coded two-eye rendering “properly” whereas mines tacked in, in an interim manner.

  8. CaptainOculus

    I would like to personally thank you for CtrlAltStudio. It paved the road on my path into VR worlds and without it; I might have never introduced myself to SL or later; HiFi. You are a true gentlemen and scholar sir, and in the event that you integrate 0.7 or higher into the code base, I very much hope there is support for VR SLI. I realize I am probably a VERY small demographic; but to imagine the possible performance gain of 1 card per eye, leaves me anxious in anticipation.

    Again, thanks for everything both here and there. A great developer and a great product.

  9. ssm2017

    actually, only your viewer is allowed to use OpenSimulator because the linden’s one is not allowing another grid.
    thank you a lot for the time you spend to allow us to use the oculus inworld.

    1. David Rowe Post author

      Yes, once Linden Lab finish their Rift support and other TPV’s integrate it, those TPVs will provide VR access to OpenSim.

  10. Ai Austin

    David, your work on CtrlAltStudio is much appreciated and has enabled us to have OpenSim and Second Life access WAY ahead of any official releases. It has also explored UI and styles of interaction to let testers try different things and give feed in to Linden Labs for their own viewer developments. All very useful indeed. Thanks a lot. Looking forward to something that can work with the latest runtime.

  11. TTech

    Am happy to see Ctrl-alt-viewer is still on your mind. Can’t wait to try your viewer on Direct mode. It’s something I’ve been waiting for since last year.

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