Monthly Archives: September 2015

CtrlAltStudio Viewer Plans 2015 – 2016

I developed CtrlAltStudio Viewer as a stop-gap measure to satisfy immediate desires to experience Second Life and OpenSim in virtual reality: stereoscopic 3D was implemented while waiting for the Rift DK1 to be delivered; then DK1 and DK2 support each added when they arrived. Always with the expectation that CtrlAltStudio Viewer will be abandoned when Linden Lab finish their Rift support and other third-party viewers incorporate it.

It’s been quite a long “stop-gap”; much longer than expected! But at last there’s hope that the consumer CV1 Rift will finally be delivered, sometime in Q1 2016. Before that, a Rift SDK 1.0 version is due in December this year. Hopefully, Linden Lab will finish off their Rift support promptly for CV1 when it’s available so that their code can be adopted by other TPVs. Development of CtrlAltStudio Viewer will stop at that time.

In the meantime, I am trying to find time to keep CtrlAltStudio Viewer somewhat up to date. Unfortunately, time is in short supply for me these days. However, I have the code working with SDK 0.6 in direct mode with a basic software cursor. (There’s no hardware cursor in direct mode.) I have a few issues to sort out and will release an alpha as soon as possible, “as is”, to see how people find it. Not polished but should be usable.

After that, I may update to a more recent Firestorm codebase, or perhaps update to SDK 0.7 or even SDK 1.0. It just depends on Oculus and Firestorm updates, people’s needs, and my time availability.