CtrlAltStudio Viewer Updated to Firestorm 4.6.9: Alpha

This alpha release of the CtrlAltStudio Viewer updates to the Firestorm 4.6.9 plus hotfix codebase, and the Rift SDK A fix is also provided for left-clicks on objects; though like right-clicks, left-clicks work best with the cursor in the left eye’s view.

Please also note that this alpha requires Rift extended mode and Advanced Lighting Model needs to be turned on.

Viewer download:

  • Windows installer: Alpha, 20 Jun 2015.
  • Mac OSX installer: Not available.

Release Notes

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  1. China

    I have the same issue in your viewer now,(started 4 days ago) that I had in firestorm 2 years ago, my AV will crouch and when I try to walk or run, it goes on all fours and crawls, I do not have these animations in my AO and I have done the usual stop animations, relog, delete and clear files of old viewer, redownload viewer etc, nothing works, my AV is jerking about on my screen and I have had to stop using the viewer I really like, a couple of other people in SL are having this issue, but a relog cleared it for them, my pc is a 64 bit quad core etc, so in good condition, any ideas or help, please

    1. David Rowe Post author

      I wonder if your camera setting has been changed to look downwards somehow (i.e., so that moving forwards tries to move you down into the ground). This vaguely rings a bell for me but I can’t remember the details.

  2. ross

    hi,from yesterday i have problems with the internal browser because i have any page with the “ssl handashake failure”.how can i fix it?

        1. David Rowe Post author

          If it happens for only one Web site which used to work, it is possible that the site was updated to require an SSL version that the viewer doesn’t handle. The latest Firestorm viewer release may work with the Web site because it includes some SSL updates.

  3. JT

    Hi. First off, thank you for taking the time to build the CtrlAlt viewer. I had the chance to test it with the DK1 a long time ago, and now here i am with windows10 and a DK2. So for the last week i have been checking this exact page out at least twice a day, hoping to hear news about updating to the 0.7 runtime. (I tried installing old drivers, old runtimes and what not, which just threw windows10 into a boot loop.)

    I was just wondering if there are any plans to update the viewer to deal with 0.7 anytime soon? I cant wait to stick my head into Second Life with this hardware, so if you could give us any kind of indication of whether or not the update is coming, i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for the work you have done, I hope i can test your viewer on the DK2 in the near future.

    1. David Rowe Post author

      Hi! Updating the CtrlAltStudio Viewer to Oculus SDK 0.7 isn’t straightforward for a couple of reasons. I intend to have a closer look this weekend and work out what to do.

    2. David Rowe Post author

      I’ve made some progress towards updating to SDK 0.6. Still a bit early to tell but I’ll try to spend some more time on it during the week.

      1. JT

        Thats awesome news. Cant wait to see what it looks like. Thanks again, as of right now it seems that the CtrlAlt viewer is going to be the only option for VR users in SL. LL seems unwilling to update theirs, so its all on you ;) I hope I am not alone in expressing gratitude for the work you are putting into this.

        1. JT

          Hi again. Hows the update to 0.6 going? any chance we will see a new release in the near future? I am still checking this page 3 times daily hoping for some good news ;)

          1. David Rowe Post author

            I have it building and displaying with SDK 0.6 – in direct mode – but am currently having trouble with adding a software cursor needed for direct mode. Almost have it working properly but not quite.

          2. JT

            I feel like an annoying kid in the backseat right about now….are we there yet? Are we there yet? How about now, are we there now? ;) Do we have any idea when the new release will be? I cant wait to try it :)

  4. Ai Austin

    Oculus runtime and SDK 0.7 is finally with us, and it seems to work fine with Windows 10 so long as you get the latest beta version of the Nvidia drivers version 355.83 , which are beyond the current “up-to-date” Nvidia GeForce Experience reported latest version. The Oculus config utility and attempts to use the inbuilt demo otherwise will crash with the previous non-beta drivers.

    An app compiled for SDK 0.6 works for me, but ones compiled with 0.5 versions fail and say you must update.

  5. TTech

    Quick question Dave, I recently heard that the upcoming Oculus SDK 0.7 is going to get rid of extended mode and use a new direct driver mode, which will make any apps not compiled with Oculus Runtime 0.6 unusable. Do you have any intentions of adding support for the latest SDK?

    thanks for your time.


  6. Bubblez

    Will you be updating CtrlAltStudio to the latest codes based on Firestorm’s latest release anytime soon?

    1. David Rowe Post author

      Hi! I’m waiting to see the details of the Oculus SDK 0.7 which is due to be released shortly before deciding what do.

  7. David Rowe on behalf of Bell Zackerly Post author

    “Hi, are you have already the new version for windows 10. today I update my pc now I can’t play SL, said the graphics is not update. I already update my graphics and still with the same problem.

    I hope so you can help

    Btw the viewer is awesome I really love the viewer”

    [David Rowe: Moved comment to this thread.]

      1. Curt Bombastic

        Hi there .. to answer that one question, if you’ve updated to Windows 10, Check for any Windows Updates, including your Graphics / Video card drivers … I had to after I updated and I was able to use the Viewer just find after I updated all my Drivers

  8. Jay Rowe

    Pretty good work so far on this. One thing that bothers me about both the LL viewer and this is that the camera view isn’t fixed to the avatars eyeballs and turning your head and/or leaning forward and backwards tends to make the viewers perspective “stretch” and cause nausea. Is this something that developers are aware of and working on?

    All in all a great work and thank you for doing this!

    1. David Rowe Post author

      Hi Jay,
      Assuming you’re using a DK2 with its positioning camera, the camera position is set by your head movements in the Rift, and your avatar approximates the movements as best it can. So yes, the camera is not fixed to the avatar’s eyeballs but this is what is wanted.
      If you’re using a DK1 or don’t have position tracking, the camera positioning is not so good.
      If you’re finding the perspective wrong, make sure you’ve used the Oculus Configuration Utility to measure and set your IPD correctly.

  9. Claudia Daxter

    i have been using your viewer’s last version without problem.
    Today, suddenly and without any reason, each time i tried to load the program it immediately stops, saying ‘the program had a problem and stopped working— close the program’.
    I dont even get to the log in screen.
    I tried downloading an older version, though it was working till now. Same problem.
    I have the drivers of my graphic card updated, and my laptop is able to load firestorm .But i loved your viewer much more, it worker faster in my lap.
    Any idea about what has happened?

    1. David Rowe Post author

      Hi Claudia. I have no idea what the problem may be but the following troubleshooting page might help: http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/firestorm_troubleshooting
      And if installing different versions you may want to do a clean install: http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_update_viewer

      Also, there might be some clue in your program log. You can find it in C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\CtrlAltStudio Viewer\logs as the file CASviewer.log. If you send it to me I’ll have a look at it if you like.

      1. Claudia Daxter

        ok, see what i did, i went to the properties and made the program work in compatibility mode for windows XP.
        Never had touched it before, but now it seems to work.
        Maybe a bit slow, and I am having problems with some mesh that look weird (as long spikes), but the rest seems to work.
        I will keep trying tomorrow (its 1.15 am in Spain).
        Tyvm for answering, hope i can make it work ok again.

  10. Nanny

    Are you planning on updating the version for Mac? cos I haven’t seen a new version since last year and for me this is the only viewer I can fully use because its reliability. Thanks!

    1. David Rowe Post author

      Hi Nanny. Sorry, no concrete plans for an OSX release.

      In theory, you should get very similar performance and reliability from the Firestorm viewer, which this viewer is based on and only makes some limited code changes to. If you can run the 64-bit version of Firestorm that should have better reliability than the 32-bit.

      If you do have problems with Firestorm, the following trouble shooting page might be helpful: http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/firestorm_troubleshooting
      Also, a clean install can help: http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_update_viewer

    1. David Rowe Post author

      Ctrl+Shift+1 shows the Statistics Bar, which might be useful.
      The lag meter was removed by Linden Lab for a while, and this release which is based on Firestorm 4.6.9 doesn’t have it I’m afraid.

      1. ross

        understand.hope in the new version of ctrl… that have it.new version of firestorm have it

  11. Kayla

    Sorry for the double post, i forgot to mention that every demo i have tried so far works on my Oculus, except for SL.

    1. David Rowe Post author

      Hi Kayla
      The twin-barrel image shows up your computer screen when you toggle into Riftlook? That’s good; almost there …
      Before toggling into Riftlook you need to move the viewer window onto the Oculus’s screen: you can drag it there with your mouse, or you can use the Windows key plus right arrow a couple of times to move the window. (Make sure that the viewer isn’t configured to run fullscreen, so that it displays in a movable window.)

      1. Kayla

        I’ve almost got it! It finally shows up in the rift, but the view is sideways, squished up and doubled!

        1. Kayla

          I’ve fixed the orientation but all i can see in the UI is the mini map. Either the rest of the UI is offscreen or not showing up, how do i fix that? Also I cannot type or use gestures or jump :(

          1. David Rowe Post author

            Not all UI is displayed (e.g., the menu bar) as the viewer’s an interim solution while Linden Lab work on a full UI experience. …. However, you can use keyboard shortcuts to show and hide dialog boxes such as the Conversations window (Ctrl-T), Gestures (Ctrl+G), Inventory (Ctrl-I), e.g., if you want to select a landmark to teleport to, Ctrl-Shift-M to display the minimap, etc. Keyboard shortcuts are shown beside menu items. … You’ll probably need to position the conversations window or whatever near the centre of screen before switching into Riftlook so that they’re visible. Then you can drag and resize these windows while in Riftlook as you like, and type into the chat window. … An you should be able to jump using the PageUp key (briefly press it).

  12. Ai Austin

    Thanks David… I notice a couple of things… on Windows 8.1

    a) particles such as smoke render in the 2D view, but when I switch to the 3D/Rift view they don’t – was it always like that?

    b) the printscreen or alt+printscreen button doe snot seem to capture the screen for snapshots when in Rift view.. again, was that always the case or something new with the latest Oculus SDK?

    1. David Rowe Post author

      Hi Austin,

      Particles seem to render fine for me on Windows 8, NVIDIA GeForce … both on the Rift and in stereoscopic 3D.

      You should be able to capture a snapshot of the Rift view: if you have the viewer displaying the twin barrels on your main monitor rather than the Rift, use Alt-PrtSc to capture just the twin barrels; PrtSc captures both your main monitor and the Rift’s display.

      Note: I’m running on the Oculus Runtime with the Rift Display Mode configured to extend the desktop.

      1. Kayla

        Help, I have followed all of the instructions for getting my oculus to work with the viewer. It shows up on my computer screen but not my oculus! Please help.

        graphics card: Geforce GTX 960

        Oculus DK2

      2. Yop

        I am using Nvidia 3D Vision 2.
        But when the viewer finish od load and i am inside of SL,with 3D Stereoscopic selectd at graphic preferences,looks like in 2D.
        The 3D Glasess are activate and the 3D is lanched when i connect to SL…But is the viewer that not looks in 3D.
        What i do wrong?

          1. Yop

            Weird…supposed that i have all right and when i do login,there the graphics are in 2D.
            Here’s my hardware.

            GeForce driver 314.07 or later.—->Lastest
            Graphics configured to display at 120Hz.—->Done
            Monitor configured to display at 120Hz.—->Done (Asus ROG SWIFT PG278Q)
            Stereoscopic 3D enabled in the NVIDIA Control Panel..—->Done
            3D Vision set up and working. *.—->Settings tested and working
            Viewer configured to run full screen — Preferences > Graphics > General..
            Viewer configured for stereoscopic 3D output — Preferences > Graphics > Display Output..—->Done both
            Also i have SLI of GTX 660tI And did try with SLI on and off.
            Nvidia 3D Vision 2 get activated when i run the viewer and works when i am in world,but the graphic are in 2D :(
            Instructions are too easy,but something is failing for me.
            Any idea?
            Ty for your help-

          2. David Rowe Post author

            Definitely try disabling SLI and rebooting after you have.

            Also, it looks like your display is a 144Hz display so see the special instructions in the page I linked to: “If you have a 144Hz monitor you may need to set one or both of your graphics and monitor to 60Hz so that the 3D Vision driver automatically doubles things to 120Hz.”

            I don’t know why this is but we’re are the mercy of the graphics driver and GPU + display interactions.

          3. Yop

            My monitor can be setting to 60/120/140hz with a turbo key in the case.I did try with 60 and 120hz.
            And as i said,the weird is that 3D glasess is working,but grapics viewer are in 2D.With Games,the 3D is only activated when the game start in 3D…I am lost.
            I’ll try again now without SLI,after restart.
            Thxs and later post here what happen.

          4. Yop

            Nothing,viewer run always in 2D…I got disable SLI and restart and nothing.
            I don’t know what i have wrong :(
            I’ll wait for next updates of your viewer and try luck,because i don’t know what more try right now.

          5. David Rowe Post author

            It should be possible to get stereoscopic 3D working with your 144Hz display. Hmmm.

            The only thing I can think of is to try again making sure that:
            1) SLI is disabled.
            2) You do NOT have the “Set output to 120Hz” option ticked, because this may override your manual settings. (Restart the viewer after disabling.)
            3) Try each of three settings combinations: both your graphics card and monitor to 60Hz; just your graphics card to 120Hz; just your monitor to 120Hz. (Restart the viewer after making each change.) … To cater for the 3D Vision driver seeming to automatically double the Hz when using a 144Hz monitor.

            If and when there’s a new update to the viewer there won’t be any change in stereoscopic 3D operation; the viewer simply outputs twin images to the dual OpenGL graphics buffers and it’s left up to the driver to display stereoscopic 3D using the GPU and monitor.

            One other thing: you could perhaps try downgrading your driver a version, just in case there’s a but in the latest driver.

            1. Chan King Yin

              I get the same issue… 3D vision test work fine for my LG passive LCD.
              But CtrlAltSutdio just only display 2D :(

              Are there any log I can trace the issue? Or which source code do the init 3G display I can check?

            2. David Rowe Post author

              @Chan Make sure you have viewer configured to run full screen — Preferences > Graphics > General.
              And viewer configured for stereoscopic 3D output — Preferences > Graphics > Display Output.
              Do not tick the “120Hz” option; this is applicable only to active 3D displays.
              Ctrl-Alt-3 should toggle in/out of 3D display mode (or use the “3D” button in the toolbar).

  13. TTanon

    Does this version have any performance improvements compare to the last?

    Am also glad to see you’re still active.

      1. ross

        yeah the viewr now work well.don’t have problems to leave the groups now.only 1 thing,i have see that not there the old lag meter.in the new version firestorm It was reintroduced

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