Monthly Archives: September 2014

Basic Rift DK2 UI Added: Alpha 3

This alpha release of the CtrlAltStudio Viewer adds basic UI to the Rift DK2 display. This includes dialogs, avatar toasts, and floating text (i.e., the same UI as displayed with the DK1 in the 1.2.1 Release).

Other changes this release:

  • Added fade-to-black around the barrel distorted image edges.
  • Stopped showing the health & safety warning the second and subsequent times into Riftlook view.
  • Fixed barrel distorted images being displayed lower on the screen than they should be.
  • Fixed “landing” in the air when flying in Riftlook with an Xbox 360 Controller.

Usage is the same as in the previous alphas: with the DK2 configured in extended mode: use the Windows key + right-arrow to move your viewer window onto the Rift’s display, then Ctrl+Alt+3 makes the window full screen and switches into Rift view. You may want to adjust the distance the floating text fades at so that distant text is not so annoying in Riftlook: Preferences > Graphics > Rendering > Floating text fades. For more details on usage, see the Release Notes.

Please note that this alpha is still preliminary: it does not work with direct mode and Advanced Lighting Model needs to be turned on. It is built using the 0.4.1 Rift SDK and should work OK with the 0.4.2 Rift SDK.


  • Windows installer: Alpha, 4 Sep 2014.
  • Mac OSX installer: Sorry, no Mac OSX installer this release.