DK2 Support in the Works for CtrlAltStudio Viewer

A fresh Oculus Rift DK2 in its box

A fresh DK2

I’ve received my Oculus Rift DK2 and am working on updating the CtrlAltStudio Viewer to support it. Unfortunately, it’s not just a recompile; it’s actually a significant amount of work. But it is on its way!

UPDATE, 11 Aug 2014: The Rift SDK 0.4.0 had some show-stopper bugs. SDK 0.4.1 has just been released; I’ll give it a try.

UPDATE, 18 Aug 2014: Rift SDK 0.4.1 still has major problems with OpenGL and Direct mode, which is ultimately what the viewer should use. I’m having a look at doing something extended mode for the interim.

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  1. Pyrodox

    Seems like a lot of demos are only functional in extended mode right now… Seeing as SL was one of the biggest reasons I’m interested in the Rift, though, I would love to see a functioning extended mode client for DK2 until the SDK smooths out ebough bugs for direct mode to function reliably.

  2. Dillon Robinson

    Awesome news David. I haven’t logged into SL in a very, very long time, and even then, it was just to check out the DK1 compatibility. Pretty neat.

    Are you going to incorporate positional tracking? That would be amazing.

    Some thoughts:

    -User could be able to select a Classic Mode, or a new one with the positional tracking
    -If using positional tracking, maybe hide the avatar? It would be quite jarring but since you can’t really incorporate inverse kinematics in SL, it might be a way to go.
    -Have an easy key combo for resetting the positional and rotational orientation. Then we can easily map that to Xpadder and continue playing with a controller alone (makes the Rift experience a lot easier)

    Personally, after trying to use .41 (or w/e) in my project, it completely broke it….so I’m waiting a few more updates for Oculus to get their shit together.

    1. David Rowe Post author

      I definitely want to incorporate positional tracking if I can. Good idea to make it optional. And maybe automatically hide one’s avatar.

      I had a bit of a try with SDK 0.4.1 this week when it came out but there didn’t seem to be much if any improvement over 0.4.0’s problems. I’ll have more concentrated try with it over the weekend.

      1. Tron

        I have something i just want to voice out, but first.

        Am not a coder, I don’t know the details of the technical difficulties there are bringing software support to a Oculus Rift Development Two headset.

        Maybe everything don’t need to work right off the bat for DK2 support.
        I remember using your software with a DK1 with just the 3D effect&headtracking and it was a pleasant experience.
        If the Viewer can just recognized the new Rift display and support head tracking I’ll be happy with

        I don’t mind not having head tracking, ect, for now if it complicating the DK2 Support process. Perhaps Full support can released in an “Released” version and the minimal support can be released for the Alpha.

        And Thanks for reading this comment, you’re a great developer. I love your work and this viewer because unlike other VR demos/software the possibilities and the experience that can be had with this is almost endless. This is one Software I hope to have DK2 support the most.

  3. William

    I’ve been looking into a way of “forcing” the viewer to “show avatar body in mouse-look mode” via LSL and have been unable to do so.

    My assumption is, avatar preferences cannot be modified via LSL, and must be done in viewer source code. Can you confirm? As a DK1 and DK2 user, it is very distracting when you cannot see your avatar body. It can kill the experience quickly.

    Thanks in advance, and I wait with bated breath for DK2 integration in CntrlAltViewer!

    1. David Rowe Post author

      I don’t know of any LSL commands to hide/show avatar in mouselook or Rift view.

      There are however viewer options:
      – Preferences > Move & View > View > Show avatar in mouselook – a bit over half way down the dialogue.
      – Preferences > Graphics > Display > Oculus Rift > Show avatar – bottom right of dialogue.

      Enabling causes both your avatar to show in these views and have it cast a shadow.

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  5. Dr SIms

    Great one suggestion is a way to send it to the rift in exxtended mode dont know if the 3d toggle you had before would work in that way might have to have a option to restart or run in Oculus? direct mode has issues right now (at least in unity) in the graphics end up looking worse then windows mode plus i have jitter issues so my suggestion somehow having it run in extended would work best!

  6. Alex Edwards

    Are you going to add the HUD code from the official Project Oculus Viewer?

    1. David Rowe Post author

      Not immediately. The Linden Lab code is very different to mine and they’ve specifically warned third party viewer developers not to integrate their Rift code yet because there’s significant changes to it in store.

  7. Derric Foggarty

    Excellent, great stuff David im looking forward to checking it out :)

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  9. Ai Austin

    Looking forward to it. I hope you can achieve the Direct Mode way to drive the DK2… Changing to the extended desktop mode is a real pain with messing up the normal use desktop.

    A couple of thoughts.. some direct mode DK2 demos launch and just show an oversized completely white screen on the main display… where even the window top bar is almost off screen. The ability to see a “Rift View” in a window when in 3D mode would be nice for screen snapshots though I guess that will slow down the frame rate.

    Speaking of screen snapshots… some DK2 direct mode experiences add a button that lets you take a VR viewpoint snap.. like Solar System Explorer. That’s very nice.

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