Release 1.2: Updated to Firestorm 4.6.1 Codebase

This release updates the viewer to the latest Firestorm codebase plus fixes a few minor items:

  • Updates per Firestorm 4.6.1 (fitted mesh, request teleport, SL share, …)
  • Updates per Firestorm 4.5.1 (materials, CHUI updates, new particle effects, …)
  • Fixed turning off Basic Shaders while in Riftlook messing up display.
  • Fixed Kinect fly-up and fly-down gestures sometimes being swapped when shouldn’t be.
  • Removed –riftlook command line option which wasn’t working properly.

It provides Oculus Rift support, stereoscopic 3D, variable walk & fly speed, and Kinect for Windows capabilities per the preceding 1.1 alpha and 1.0 release. (No enhancements have been made per Linden Lab’s Oculus Rift beta viewer because its code hasn’t been released yet.)

UPDATE: There is now a Mac OSX installer for Mac OSX Lion (10.7) or later, very kindly provided by Cinder Roxley.

Windows installer: Release, 26 Mar 2014.
Mac OSX installer: Release, 14 Apr 2014.
Release notes.

You should do a clean install if updating a previous release.

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  1. Peter

    Will this viewer get support for the Development Kit 2? In particular, the one that just got shipped to developers this month, requires all previous VR software to be recompiled with the latest version (0.4) of the SDK.

    Great work regardless, glad that someone is spearheading a VR viewer~!

    1. David Rowe Post author

      I’ve received my DK2 and am part way through updating the viewer to support it, though am not finding as much time as I would like to work on it just at present. Still, a new version with DK2 support will be coming “soon”. : )

  2. Lou L. Bankcards

    Dear David,
    first let me start with a big thanks for all your efforts, hope you got all the recognition and kudos you certainly earned.
    Unfortunately, Second Life with newest release of CtrlAltStudio Viewer ( on Win7x64SP1 with NVidia GeForce335.23 and two SLI-enabled GTX480 on a 3-monitor (Acer GD245, 120Hz) widescreen (5870×1080 resolution) with 3D Vision shutter glasses just does not start in 3D stereoscopic mode. If I run e.g. Microsoft FlightSim X instead of the viewer, 3D Vision comes up correctly, so we can rule out a problem in the 3D setup. I tried several settings in the preferences menu of the viewer, and followed all recommendations in the viewer’s release note, but to no avail. Clicking on the 3D button in the viewer just shifts the picture slightly compared to 2D, but the 3D Vision beamer does not light up. The monitors are reporting to run with 120 Hz. Changing the resolution to single monitor mode (1920×1080) instead of widescreen mode also does not allow 3D stereoscopic mode. Again, firing up other games like FSX in the same session will have 3D. Can you kindly support, plz. Ty – Lou L. Bankcards

    1. David Rowe Post author

      Hi Lou, nice setup you have there!

      Second Live viewers use OpenGL and OpenGL stereoscopic 3D isn’t as well support by graphics drivers as DirectX stereoscopic 3D, so it can be a bit trickier to get working.

      The slight shift in perspective when you try turning stereoscopic 3D on in the viewer is indicative of the driver saying it can’t provide stereoscopic 3D with the current system and software configuration.

      I suggest getting it working on a single monitor and single graphics card, then trying adding on to that. Physically unplug all but one monitor and disable one of your graphics cards, check stereoscopic 3D is working with the NVIDIA Control Panel stereo test, then configure per viewer instructions and try the viewer: active shutter stereo enabled in NVIDIA Control Panel, graphics output configured to 120Hz, monitor configured to 120Hz, viewer configured to run full screen, and viewer configured for stereoscopic 3D output – .

      If this works then you can try adding different combinations of monitors and graphics cards to see which combinations work. If it doesn’t work at all then please send me your program log after trying and failing to display in stereo on the viewer. You’ll find the log in C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\CtrlAltStudio Viewer\logs.

      1. Lou L. Bankcards

        Dear David,
        ty for your kind and prompt support – I’ll recognize this by a donation for your good work.
        Here are the results from various test configurations with the 2 x GTX480 SLI configuration described in the previous post:

        3D stereoscopic view working:
        SLI deactivated via NVidia, Surround view (widescreen) disabled, just 1 monitor active
        works like a charm

        3D stereoscopic view not working, just 2D:
        SLI activated, Surround view (widescreen) enabled, all 3 monitors active
        good performance, and widescreen is giving a tremendous view but only 2D

        3D stereoscopic view not working, and severe hangups:
        SLI activated, Surround view (widescreen) disabled, just 1 monitor active

        So for the time being, I can have 3D stereoscopic view at least with a single monitor … ty for providing this capability to the community. As you can imagine though, a 16:9 aspect 3-monitor widescreen 3D stereoscopic display of SL with CtrlAltViewer would be the absolute thrill. I understand that this configuration is not common, but as it is working with other programs like MS FlightSim maybe it is just a minor problem to handle. If you need details like logs and beta test support to enhance CtrlAltViewer, I’ll be gladly supportive.
        Best Regards, and keep up the good work – Lou L. Bankcards

        1. David Rowe Post author

          Thanks very much for your testing, Lou. Your reports of what works and what doesn’t is bound to help others too.

          Surround view stereoscopic 3D would be great, but unfortunately we’re at the mercy of the NVIDIA graphics driver which doesn’t support OpenGL as well as it does DirectX. The viewer simply requests stereoscopic 3D mode from the driver; whether or not it displays (or crashes) is up to the driver and display system. I wonder if Surround view without SLI is possible?

          Also interesting that you’re crashing with just one monitor and SLI in 2D, though I have seen reports that SLI with Second Life doesn’t work so well. I suggest checking the Second Life forums for help with getting SLI working with Second Life.

  3. Dillon Robinson

    Any tips? My Kinect is not working in this version. My Kinect works fine with other demos and some really cool Oculus Rift demos, so everything is good and up to date, but when enabling Kinect here, and turning off an Animation Overrider, I stand back in the Kinect’s view and…nothing happens :(

    1. Dillon Robinson

      Oh, nevermind, I thought this was positional tracking, but it’s just little gestures…

  4. Dalek Hax

    Further to the above, I had another go with 1.2 now that the release candidate Catalyst drivers are out ( ) and it seems the UI lag appears to have gone and graphic performance is now back in the same ball-park as good old 1.0.

    So far after a week of testing and no crashes or stalls means I’m probably going to continue with this.. Please note however that THIS time I did NOT do a clean install – in fact I didn’t even clear cache (!) – thus this is hardly a scientific recommendation, but more of a counter-intuitive engineering solution. (which I’m understandably reluctant to wipe & re-confirm ;-)

    So YMMV for any Radeon users out there with the same problem, but it’s good to have the new SL bells and whistles on an already great viewer.

  5. Bri Hasp

    Release 1.2:
    Going back to 1.0.0. this release dropped my frame rate to the mud. Also had error/crash issues .. all I suspect are FS related.
    I am a stereoscopic Nvidia switched user.
    i7-4960X, 16 gb, SSD, 660 SLI

    1. David Rowe Post author

      Hi Bri. Crashes and low FPS aren’t good! Did you do a clean install – ? A clean install is recommended for 1.2.0; if you didn’t then a clean install may well fix the crashing you encountered. The low FPS may be what Dalek also encountered (see above).

      If you decide to try 1.2.0 again and encounter crashing and/or low FPS, it would be really useful if you could send me some program logs.

    2. Dalek Hax

      Opps, just saw your comment Bri after I posted. I guess it’s not necessarily my Radeon’s Catalyst drivers in this case then. I wasn’t getting the crashes but certainly the muddy fps :) Could your SLI setup be a factor in the crashes? I heard somewhere SL didn’t like or use multi-card setups in the past.

      David is it possible for you to compile a 64-bit version of 1.2? The 64-bit Firestorm doesn’t have Havok but the 32-bit version does. I’m just wondering if the lack of Havok in 32-bit 1.2 is causing problems this time, at least for non-Rift users, perhaps something somewhere is relying on it?

      1. David Rowe Post author

        Your and Bri’s problems could well be two separate issues.

        The CtrlAltStudio Viewer should handle multi-card setups the same as Firestorm, i.e., if it works in Firestorm it should work in CtrlAltStudio Viewer.

        A 64-bit version of CtrlAltStudio Viewer is on my work list but no promises as to if and when, sorry.

        See comment above re Havok versions. I doubt that low FPS is related to Havok or not having Havok.

  6. Dan Fraser

    Spent the weekend using this release on a borrowed Rift. Totally great. Not a single crash or problem. Everything just worked.

    Thanks. This is amazing.

    1. David Rowe Post author

      Hi Dan. Yes, the current Rift is great fun. And the next Rift will be even better! I’m glad you enjoyed the viewer.

  7. Dalek Hax

    A very welcome release which supports the new SL features. Only trouble is that after a few days of using it I’ve had to go back to the release, as my frame rates have plunged dramatically (to <= 50% of what they were).

    Bizarrely raising the graphics quality has little effect, there is now very little difference between no ALM, ALM+shadows, or full ambient occlusion (the latter used to bring my modest Radeon HD7750 to its knees, but now they're all on their knees!) So the GPU doesn't seem to be the bottleneck, and the very bad lag when typing in the chat bar might indicate it being CPU-bound, although raised it's not 100% (Core2 e7600 o/c @ 3.5GHz).

    Going back to or even the more recent alphas and all is well again, making me suspect the Firestorm 4.6.1 additions. However I had tried that Firestorm release, but didn't experience the bad fps lag that some others mentioned on their website. Admittedly I had used their 64-bit version so maybe that was the factor, pity it wasn't 3D :(

    I think whatever direction however uncertain, the post-Facebook Oculus Rift takes off in, your viewer will continue to to fulfil an important nay, *unique* function – after all there are still a lot more people with 3DTVs than Oculus Rifts :)

    1. David Rowe Post author

      Hi Dalek, very sorry to hear about your encountering low FPS. And the chat lag may have been due to the low FPS with the viewer not processing chat stuff in favour of trying to render frames at a reasonable rate.

      Did you do a clean install when installing 1.2.0? (A clean install – – is highly recommended.)

      If you decide to reinstall 1.2.0 and encounter the problem again, it would be great if you could send me your program log in case that provides a clue.

      I’ve not yet managed to reproduce the problem. But will continue investigations.

      1. Dalek Hax

        Hi David, yeah I did do a clean install, deleting the cache, install and settings directories by hand. As you say, the typing lag is probably the cpu trying to compensate for the low fps (although oddly it never hits 100%), I remember similar on an old laptop with onboard low-end Ati doing the same. It almost as if it’s not bothering to use the GPU for the “easy stuff” but is happy using it for the hi-end things – hence little difference in fps between med & ultra settings.

        64-bit Firestorm 4.6.1 however worked well, perhaps only the 32-bit routines are affected? I might try the 32-bit Firestorm too to see if it lags – although the built-in Havok is a confounding factor with that.

        It’s probably just a quirk of the Radeon drivers, which have had historically a long tail of woe for SL,but appeared to have gotten better in recent times to the point of not actually even needing to be installed for SL on Windows 8.1 stereo3D(!!!).

        I’ll try 1.2.0 again when the next monthly Catalyst beta comes out & send you logs if it still lags.

        Thanks again.

        1. David Rowe Post author

          There are two Firestorm 32-bit builds: one with Havok (for SL) and one without (for OS and SL). (The CtrlAltStudio Viewer also doesn’t have Havok.)

          If you encounter this problem again in the future, as well as a program log it would be very interesting to know if installing again (via another clean install) temporarily fixes the problem.

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