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Release 1.2: Updated to Firestorm 4.6.1 Codebase

This release updates the viewer to the latest Firestorm codebase plus fixes a few minor items:

  • Updates per Firestorm 4.6.1 (fitted mesh, request teleport, SL share, …)
  • Updates per Firestorm 4.5.1 (materials, CHUI updates, new particle effects, …)
  • Fixed turning off Basic Shaders while in Riftlook messing up display.
  • Fixed Kinect fly-up and fly-down gestures sometimes being swapped when shouldn’t be.
  • Removed –riftlook command line option which wasn’t working properly.

It provides Oculus Rift support, stereoscopic 3D, variable walk & fly speed, and Kinect for Windows capabilities per the preceding 1.1 alpha and 1.0 release. (No enhancements have been made per Linden Lab’s Oculus Rift beta viewer because its code hasn’t been released yet.)

UPDATE: There is now a Mac OSX installer for Mac OSX Lion (10.7) or later, very kindly provided by Cinder Roxley.

Windows installer: Release, 26 Mar 2014.
Mac OSX installer: Release, 14 Apr 2014.
Release notes.

You should do a clean install if updating a previous release.