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Alpha 8: A Few Miscellaneous Tweaks

New display output options

New display output options

This release makes a few miscellaneous changes to the viewer:

  • Added option to set display output to 120Hz for stereoscopic 3D. Useful if you have shutter glasses and want to only display at 120Hz when you use the viewer.
  • Added slider to control speed at which turning head in Riftlook turns avatar (if “head turns avatar” option is selected).
  • Added variable avatar walk / fly speed for SpaceNavigator proportional to pressure applied to knob (i.e., similar to SpaceNavigator flycam control) up to maximum of configured walk speed. Adjusted SpaceNavigator default values to suit.
  • Updated the GPU table to better support further graphics cards.

Download: Alpha 8, 10 Feb 2014. (Windows)

Release Notes

You can install this version over the top of a previous 1.1 alpha version.