Alpha 7: Using the Rift to Turn Your Avatar While Seated

Rift turns avatar while seated option

Rift turns avatar while seated option

This release adds an option for turning your avatar as you turn your head while in Riftlook. You can configure how far you have to turn your head before your avatar starts turning. This is for seated Riftlook and was developed in conjunction with Tom Willans at the Serious Games Institute of Coventry University.

There are two ways to use this option:

  1. Setting the slider to 0° makes the turning happen all the time. This enables you to look at something then if you continue looking at it, your view will gradually rotate so that the object lies straight ahead and you can thus walk towards it.
  2. Setting the slider to a value such as 45° makes turning start after you look left or right 45° or more. Turning then continues until you look straight ahead again. Depending on the value you set and how flexible your neck is, the effect can be like a gesture that initiates turning.

Something for you to try out; what do you think?

Only a couple of other changes of note this release

  • Changed Rift prediction delta default value from 20ms to 35ms to improve typical perceived latency.
  • Fixed mouselook not being able to turn more than +/-180°.


Release Notes

You can install this version over the top of a previous 1.1 alpha version.

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  1. Iain Swales

    This works really well for me!
    for just walking/flying around its really interesting.. could do with some way of centering up a chat console.. unless there is a way already im unaware of. generally work really well though, cheers!

    1. David Rowe Post author

      Glad you’re enjoying it, Iaian.

      You can display UI elements while in Riftlook by using keyboard shortcuts. Ctrl-t displays the Conversations window for you to view and type into. And you can drag and resize the window to suit.

  2. dumbdude007

    Alright i will let you know as soon as i have time to try it out. I actually have 3 280x’s. Should i run them in crossfire or just have crossfire turned off and run from just one gpu. Thanks I really appreciate the support.

    1. David Rowe Post author

      I don’t know whether or not it will run with Crossfire. … Assuming you normally have Crossfire turned on I suggest trying running the viewer and seeing if it works. If it doesn’t then try running with Crossfire turned off so that just one GPU is being used. … I’ll be very interested to learn whether or not the viewer works for you with Crossfire turned on.

  3. dumbdude007

    It is not recognizing my r9 280x graphics card and will not let me turn the basic shaders on so that i can use the rift.

    1. David Rowe Post author

      Cool GPU you have there!

      Thanks very much for letting me know about your problem. Updating the GPU table that the viewer uses should fix it. I’ve provided a new GPU table file for you to try out:

      • Exit from the CtrlAltStudio Viewer.
      • Go into your CtrlAltStudio Viewer program directory, e.g., C:\Program Files (x86)\CtrlAltStudio-Viewer-Alpha.
      • Rename the file gpu_table.txt to gpu_table.old.
      • Download the new gpu_table.txt file from the URL above and copy it into the CtrlAltStudio Viewer program directory.

      Hopefully the new file will fix your problem. Please let me know how you get on. Thanks!

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