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Alpha 4: Some Preliminary Rift UI in the CtrlAltStudio Viewer

Chat Window and Minimap in Riftlook View

Chat window and minimap in Riftlook view. OSgrid Lbsa Plaza

This alpha, CtrlAltStudio Viewer, adds some preliminary UI capability while in Riftlook to put the “social” back into your virtual world experience while using the Rift. And test your touch typing skills!

Note the “preliminary”: the Riftlook UI provided is just that and less than ideal, but it does provide some useful capability. I originally wasn’t intending to do any UI as I thought Linden Lab’s viewer with Rift support would have been released by now, but it hasn’t been and there’s a pressing need for at least some UI so I’ve added some as a stop-gap measure.

Changes this version include:

  • Added Riftlook display of floating windows such as chat and inventory.
  • Added Riftlook display of avatar toasts and floating text.
  • Added right-click object interaction in Riftlook.
  • Changed to have the mouse operate the UI by default while alt-mouse moves the view.
  • Added option to have the mouse move the view horizontally only.
  • Fixed mouse coordinates in Riftlook.
  • Fixed teleporting in Riftlook.
  • Fixed flycam with the SpaceNavigator in Riftlook.
  • Included Latif Khalifa’s fix for the “4096 bug” that limited the OpenSim teleport range.
  • Updated to Oculus Rift SDK 0.2.5 for improved tilt and yaw correction and reduced drift.

Limitations include:

  • Menu bars and the toolbar aren’t displayed in Riftlook.
  • Context menus displayed when you right-click an object in Riftlook are always displayed in list form rather than pie form.

More details are provided in the Release Notes.

To use the UI in Riftlook:

  • Turn on “Show user interface in Mouselook” and “Enable context menus in Mouselook” in Preferences > Move & View > View.
  • You may also want to turn on “Show chat in bubbles above avatars” in Preferences > Chat > General.
  • While in Riftlook with the above settings you can use keyboard shortcuts to show and hide dialog boxes. For example, the Conversations window (Ctrl-T), Inventory (Ctrl-I), e.g., if you want to select a landmark to teleport to, Ctrl-Shift-M to display the minimap, etc. Keyboard shortcuts are displayed beside menu items in normal view.
  • Use the mouse cursor to left-click interact with windows and right-click interact with in-world objects, and Alt-mouse to move the camera view. Alternatively, you can configure the mouse to move the view and Alt-mouse to control the cursor. See these and other options in Preferences > Graphics > Display Output.

Regarding touch typing, you do get better with practice. My laptop’s keyboard is a rather monolithic array of keys with little to aid touch navigation, so I’ve cut some squares from the sticky part of Post-it Notes and placed them in strategic locations around the keyboard perimeter to provide some reference points for my fingers.


  • Windows: Alpha 4, 23 Oct 2013.
  • Mac OSX: Alpha 4. Sorry, no Mac version this release.

You can install this version over the top of a previous 1.1 alpha version.

Happy touch typing!