Virtual World and Virtual Reality Software Development

Iā€™m a software developer and contractor in virtual worlds and virtual reality. And a core team member of Vircadia ā€” an open-source, VR-capable, virtual world platform. Vircadia is a continuation of High Fidelityā€™s original platform which they developed from 2013 to 2019 and I contributed to from 2014. Previously, I developed the VR-capable CtrlAltStudio Viewer for use with the social, user-created virtual worlds of Second Life and OpenSim.

ā€” David Rowe


Vircadia Logo

Vircadia is an open-source, VR-capable, virtual world platform. With it you can meet people and make friends, create your own worlds, and host vast social & educational environments and events. It is fully decentralized and open source under Apache 2.0. It has a vision!

My work in Vircadia includes:

  • Guiding and contributing as a core team member
  • C++, Qt, QML, TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Software, API, and user documentation
  • Visual Studio, Qt Creator, Git, GitHub